Watching Dance

Taking a multidisciplinary approach to investigating Kinesthetic Empathy

It has been noted that the Ning forum does not allow the organisation of videos in a way that allows our users to navigate their way through them easily. To that end, you can also find the full programme on our main website and links to the videos on Vimeo. Please let me know if this is helpful and I will publish an alphabetised list here shortly

Batson, Glenna The Embodied Brain – Facilitating Movement Learning through Mirror Neurons
Berthoz, Alain  Keynote Address
Bevilacqua, Frédéric  Following movements in interactive dance installations
Calvo-Merino, Beatriz  Watching dance or feeling dance?: From visual perception to aesthetic experience
Davies, Rachel The Baby in the Mirror
Donaldson, Lucy  Effort and Affect: Engaging with Film Performance
Foster, Susan, presented by Dee Reynolds Dancing with the 'Mind's Muscles': A Brief History of Kinesthesia and Empathy
Gotman, Kélina  Kinesthetic Intelligence, Care and the Ethics of  “Home” in a Hospital and Ward Setting
Hawksley, Sue  Tactile Manouvres: Touch and Intention in Dance
Hayes, Amy  A link between action and emotion: Performing or watching fluent actions evokes a positive affective response
Keysers, Christian  From Mirror Neurons to Kinesthetic Empathy
Knoth, Brian  Embodied Mediation: Interactive Media Environments and the Audience Experience of Kinesthetic Empathy
Meekums, Bonnie Mirroring and Embodied Intersubjectivity
Nash, Chris  The Oscillating Moment - Percieving Movement in Dance Photography
Orgs, Guido  Attentional focus as a tool for movement research and improvisation
Reuben, Alex  Sex, Lies and Interdisciplinary Practice
Reynolds, Dee Welcome Address
Whatley, Sarah  The poetics of motion capture and visualization techniques: watching real and virtual bodies
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