Watching Dance

Taking a multidisciplinary approach to investigating Kinesthetic Empathy

I have been really interested in developments over the years in Mirror Neurons and Science based research on spectatorship or audience response, but I wonder 'what can science not explain?' and why are we looking to science to explain or prove what we know or feel within our bodies? There are n-number of things that might make my brain activity wild, equally my heart race and give my muscles a sense of action or cause my skin to sweat. So whilst science may prove these things it does not tell me how watching forms of dance - quite literally moves me consciously, subconsciously or otherwise. Science cannot not take into account the many micro-histories of each spectating body that might transpose movement into meaning.. although Damasio's work appears relevant to this. (  

I guess I am looking for a rewriting of psycho-analysis.....     :-)

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