Watching Dance

Taking a multidisciplinary approach to investigating Kinesthetic Empathy

As part of the Watching Dance project I have been developing alternative methods of both conducting and communicating research with audiences.


Often when analysing qualitative audience research I produce large numbers of mind maps that I use to think through the material I am collecting. Usually these mind maps are private, with only the final written paper published. However, I'm interested in how these mind maps could also be public documents and have produced one trial mind map relating to the Watching Dance project. This isn't resolved but I would nonetheless be interested in hearing how people find it as a way of accessing material and analysis relating to how audiences watch dance.


You can find an explore this mind map here


I have also written a working paper on mind maps and research which you can find here


Thank you



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I think this is great. I think it would be useful in analysis, dissemination and developing workshop material. 


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