Watching Dance

Taking a multidisciplinary approach to investigating Kinesthetic Empathy

Any comments leading on from the Open Space discussion at the conference (see video)?

+ Other topics put forward for Open Space but which we didn't have time to cover were:

Kinesthetic Empathy in relation to the ecological body - nature, moving in nature, Bateson's ecology of mind

The role of ethics in our understanding of Kinesthetic Empathy

Rhythm as an embodied way to understand, express, and possibly actively construct time

Links between perception and physical resonance/intersubjectivity and the role of breath, touch, gravity etc

Kinesthetic Empathy as a power tool for bodily ways into writing

Also a couple of networking areas:
call for collaboration among dancers, psychologists, choreographers, neuroscientists

call for neuroscientists to work with dance movement therapists to explore what happens in DMT sessions

If anyone wants to pursue one or more of the above, or a different subject, please start a new discussion!

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