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Does being a dance movement psychotherapist and amateur dancer make me a dance practitioner? 

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Hi Bonnie, yes sure, they're only meant to be very loose categories to indicate areas of interest more than job descriptions. I'll expand the group title to make it wider.
Thanks Katie.

I was wondering if anyone else would see this - and whether maybe it might spark off a discussion about dance practice and the role of feelings, personal material and so on ... there is an overlap here with the choreographic process as some choreographers work with personal material and I even know one woman (Beatrice Allegranti) who is both a choreographer, dance movement psychotherapist and film maker - she has made some really interesting work exploring gender and sexuality.
Ah I see. I'm so prosaic!

Beatrice was at the conference and showed her films in the gallery. I think she is part of the network. If anyone is interested her website is
Hi Katie and Bonnie!

I had the same question as Bonnie but fortunately you Katie always have an answer to our questions so quickly!

Thank you both for this.
So, does this mean you are a dance movement psychotherapist, Sissy? It is funny for me that Greenwich is one of the places where DMPs train, when I grew up in Plumstead ... and I tord the boards at Greenwich theatre in the early days.
Yes, I am! And of course Greenwich has always been the inspirational base for living and working :) At least for the 4 years I have been in London.

Glad to find you here!
Excellent! I meant trod the boards not tord the boards of course - and where did you train? I was external at Goldsmiths for a few years ...

I posed the question, btw, because I want to put the dance back into dance movement psychotherapy - some practitioners emphasise the movement aspects and that is fine, but for me there is something (as you may know if you have read my book) about the movement metaphor that links to dance and even to aesthetics, perhaps - though aesthetics are not my goal but I like Beatrice's work (Allegranti) - daringly, she has been known to shift between DMP and performance / film production in one project ... there is something about forming the dance that I feel enhances containment ...



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